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First, we created a great pre rolled cone

We make pre rolled cones for discerning smokers who appreciate a smooth pull, even burn and clean taste. Kandu NYC cones produce a full bodied smoke that is never overpowering or harsh. Only 100% organically grown hemp fiber is used, never any tobacco or additives.

Kandu NYC King Size Hemp Pre Rolled Cones Deluxe Organic Brown Rolling Papers

3 Steps to The Perfect Pre Roll

Kandu NYC King Size 109 mm Cones are made with a rich brown paper derived from organically grown hemp fiber. Our paper is heftier than most other unbleached hemp cones. We listed a few tips to get the most enjoyment from your perfect pre rolled cone.

Our cones are moisture sensitive! Avoid storing the cones in a cold dry environment. The solution is to gently steam your cones to make them pliable.

Enjoy Kandu NYC Deluxe Hemp Pre Rolled Cones
KanduNYC pre rolled cones rose petal hemp rolling papers

New to Pre Rolled Cones?

Kandu NYC Luxe Cones

Kandu NYC 109 mm Hemp Pre Rolled Cone 3-Pack (Buy 7)

Kandu NYC 109mm King Size Hemp Cone 3-Pack. Get 7 handy 3-Packs with Free Standard Shipping.

Kandu NYC Retail Box 21 x 3-Pack (63 Count)

Luxe Hemp Pre Rolled Cone 21 x 3-Packs per box.  Premium quality dark brown hemp 109mm pre rolled cone with gold wrapped 26mm filter tip. Extra slow and even burning paper. Suggested Retail $63  

Kandu NYC Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones King Size 109mm 30 Count Jar

Luxe All-Natural Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones.  30 Premium 109mm Rose Petal Cones per Jar, each with a gold wrapped 26mm filter tip.  Slow burning rose petals produce a mild floral scent when smoked.  


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