About Our Brand

Bringing Blunts and Roses to the World

How It All Began

I am a native New Yorker and have always loved smoking blunts, but hated all the tedious rolling and licking. On a summer evening in 2016, while smoking my first pre rolled joint ever in Amsterdam, I got an inspiration. I wanted to make a pre rolled blunt that everybody will enjoy smoking, that's also easy to use, and has all the rich flavor without the tobacco. Fast forward to today and our family owned and operated Kandu NYC brand of sophisticated smoking products is bringing its luxe hemp and rose petal pre rolled blunt cones to your local smoke shop or dispensary.

Never Regular, Always Extra!

Our goal is to deliver a more satisfying smoking experience. We use only top quality rolling papers and materials in making our luxe pre rolled cones. Whether you choose our bold organic hemp cones or mellow all-natural rose petal cones, you will enjoy a smooth pulling, slow burning blunt alternative made for smokers who appreciate luxury and value. Ask for our red label hemp cones and purple label rose petal cones in your local smoke shop, or search online for Kandu NYC. Your satisfaction is our purpose.

Some Words About Kandu NYC

Buying With Confidence


Developing the Kandu NYC brand of luxe smoking products has been a unique pleasure. I will always appreciate being able to share that same experience with friends and fellow cannabis lovers.

We always strive to deliver satisfaction to our customers and resellers. Kandu NYC is a young brand that is seeking partners who can expand our presence and grow along with us. Our purchasing and shipping process is straight forward, and we invite all buyers, resellers and distributors to register an account. You can always email us any inquiries, we are always responsive.